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Elope Wheres Waldo Adult Costume Kit


Elope Wheres Waldo Adult Costume Kit

Product Description

Look no further, your search for the perfect costume is over. Stand out from the crowd with this Waldo costume kit, complete with the globe-trotting master of camouflage's iconic striped shirt, hat, and glasses in quality polyester and plastic construction. Officially licensed, lovingly packaged, and just what you need to get all eyes on you, whether everyone else knows it or not. (Oh, and a little free advice: it's great for group photos.) Where's Waldo Logo Messenger Bag: 057401CTBP

Most Helpful Customer Reviews
I live in Australia and ordered the Where's Waldo Costume Kit on the 28th of September, I received it on the 11th of October and was pleasantly surprised at the early arrival as well as the packaging, usually I receive clothing items in a shipping bag but the costume kit came in a good sized box.

The kit itself came with everything mentioned (the glasses, beanie and shirt) and I'm very pleased with the beanie and glasses (though the beanie is a little big for my head and the glasses sit a little too close to my eyes) but I have a few issues with the shirt. I ordered a large/x-large kit after reading some of the other reviews thinking that the small sized shirt may be too small for me (I'm 5'4" and usually a medium in shirts) but when I opened up the shirt, I realised that it was much too big and I could probably even wear it as a dress. The shirt and sleeve length is quite long (25.5 inches from the end of the sleeve to the 'shoulder' and 30 inches from the back of the neck to the bottom of the shirt) and it's quite wide as well (22 inches one side to the other, measured just under the sleeve).

The shirt is also quite thin and you can see through the white sections, so probably best to wear something underneath the shirt. I might just cut it up and turn it into a tank top since it's too big to wear just as a shirt (it hangs off me and doesn't look very good since the sleeves are also quite long). If you are around the medium sizes, I'd recommend the small rather than the large/x-large and if I had enough time to return it and get a smaller size sent back before Halloween, I would.

I bought this outfit as my new battle garb for the ongoing war between the Lumberjack-Ninjas and the Nazi-Zombie-Pirates-who-are-also-Aliens. Wearing this outfit on the battlefield makes you almost IMPOSSIBLE to see, and I was able to silently assassinate many a NZPA sniper and officer whilst wearing it. It does get dirty quite easily, but the blood blends in rather nicely with the stripes. Recommend multiple sets so once the entire ensemble is caked in the ichor of your enemy, you can simply burn it along with the husks of your enemies.

I ordered this for the same reason many of you probably will. It's cheap, it looks decent and is a quick and easy solution if you are in need of a costume, however be careful.

For me, the costume came with the red having bled onto the white slightly with some areas looking pink. Don't know how or why. Then comes the sizing, I am a big guy, I weightlift and have a larger chest, back etc. This is a poorly designed shirt with an awkward fit. It seems that it was sewn together hastily and is only designed if you fit a "pencil" straight body shape...

I ordered the Large/Extra Large because I knew small/medium would not fit, but even the larger size is a snug fit. It feels almost like a medium, and I cannot imagine what will happen to the size after a few washes. Be careful when ordering, especially if you are more heavyset or bulky because it might be too tight.

Since the color slightly bled out on mine, even before a wash, I can only speculate what will happen after the first wash. Be careful. For the price it is a decent costume, and is great for taking photos with friends/family.

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